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Welcome to Details, Darlings & Daiquiris


Hi, friends! I’m Allison: a home-renovator and DIY-er based out of New Glasgow, in beautiful Nova Scotia. Some of you might already be following my renovation journey over on Instagram, and now I’m beyond excited to officially launch my new blog! 

When I’m not busy renovating my own home, you can find me helping friends design their dream spaces and, going forward, writing blog posts that pull from my interior design experience. When it comes to renovating your space, I look forward to being your go-to resource for everything from quick how-to’s, to managing your budget, to bringing your own style and personality into your space in simple, easy ways. 

I know first-hand how overwhelming renovations can be, and so I want to help you go into any home project – big or small – with all the information you need. Along the way, I can’t wait to share the occasional insight into the realities of balancing renovations and keeping your family and lifestyle intact.

How Our Renovation Story Started

Bippity Boppity Boo. As simple as that. My partner Rob and I bought a new-to-us house, we immediately knew all the changes needed to be made to suit our family’s needs and add to resale, got everything completed within budget and on schedule, and we lived happily ever after.

The end. Tied up in a pretty pink bow!



If only, friends…if only. Our renovation story is not such a fairy tale. I don’t know many that are perfectly so.

I admit that the reality hasn’t proven to be as easy-peasy (as our son Finley would put it) as we naively envisioned going into this life chapter. I suppose that a fairy tale renovation would have made for a short-lived blogging career, so there is that. But, on the other hand, my liver wouldn’t have taken such a hit and these deep frown lines would be more forgiving.


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We did buy a new-to-us house (that part was true). It was a foreclosure that we purchased through an insurance brokerage, so we got a bargain on a 3000 sq.ft home and corner lot. The decor was not to our personal taste, there were obvious signs of neglect, and anything of value had been sold off, down to the stove inserts.

That’s what sold us. Well, that, and the traditional layout, sunken living room, and a mature treed lot. The potential is endless.

Becoming My Own Client

From the obvious fixes to the smallest of finishing details, renovating an entire home is overwhelming.

That applies to all renovation or remodel projects no matter the scope, and new construction as well. Making seemingly endless decisions while balancing a timeline, a fixed budget, keeping the dust to a minimum, and still tackling the chaos that is day-to-day life is no easy feat.



I wanted to experience the unique opportunity and gain the invaluable knowledge that being my own client would bring. And sweet Rob was all in – up to his nose.

Taking on the role of designer and contractor is one thing. It is truly a gift to have the opportunity to work side by side with a homeowner and help bring their dreams to fruition while injecting your experience, confidence and ingenuity to create a cohesive functional space that inspires and fuels success for its occupants. The responsibility to get to know the client and understand them, perhaps better than they do themselves, in order to encapsulate each individual member as well as the family unit in the final product. To be considerate of a budget while remaining equally attentive to quality, durability, and harmony throughout the entire project.


Now, do all of the above AND sign the cheques.


Throwing your own money in the equation changes things all together. In a major, all the feelings sort of way. As a designer, this is an invaluable experience. A sensitivity forms within yourself when you’ve trusted a vision wholeheartedly to the point of backing it financially and committing to living within its walls.

As we continue to renovate, I’m using the experience to write relevant and helpful content for you. I know you’ll find it useful in tackling any type of renovation: big or small! 


I want to hear from you!

There is so much more I want to say and share, but I can’t get ahead of myself. All in good time – like quality design and most DIY renovations. That being said, let me know your renovation and design questions. I’m here to answer them!

Check back often and don’t forget to follow my journey on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes stories and pictures. Feel free to bring a friend or an army for that matter.

I’m sincerely thankful to have you here and hope you’ll follow along as I share my love for Details, my Darlings, and Daiquiris.





  1. Arlene says

    I love your Blog Allison..I will be following your renovation…Love the new kitchen….can’t wait to see the rest…


  2. Chris says

    Your design work is gorgeous! I love your style and am excited to follow your journey. Love how your home is taking shape. P.S. My hubby grew up in Stellarton and I grew up on the Shore Road (I babysat your husband and his brother!) so love seeing scenes from PC. EM shared this link recently on FB, I’m so glad I took a second to check, now I’m hooked!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m beyond excited that you’ve found us Chris! And we are delighted to have you along for the adventure we will be sharing on here!
      Thank you for the kind message! I’ll be sure to tell Rob you wrote! – Allison


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